Representing individuals and companies faced with allegations of criminal impropriety, and facilitating internal investigations on behalf of victims of fraud

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Yale T. Freeman, P.A. offers broad-based legal experience and a personal approach to client representation. Mr. Freeman’s conceptual, analytical and strategic management of cases has earned the admiration of both colleagues and clients.

Recent Cases of Distinction

  • Representation of Sunshine Pharmacy and its principal, Delmar Parrish in an investigation and prosecution conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Middle District of Florida in cooperation with the Department of Justice Medicare Fraud Strike Force Operation, part of the Health Care Fraud Prevention & Enforcement Action Team. (Read more at
  • Representation of a former inventor and parts manufacturer who had been victimized by a group of employees through a scheme to defraud.
  • Representation of a “sophisticated” investor who had been victimized by a complex Real Estate Ponzi scheme.
  • Representation of a local investor/entrepreneur pertaining to allegation of participation in a $900 million Ponzi scheme, including an SEC investigation, an investigation conducted by the U.S. Attorney, two bankruptcy proceedings, multiple pieces of civil litigation initiated by investors, and IRS investigations. (Read more at and Indianapolis Business Journal (
  • Representation of an art dealer pertaining to materials claimed to be owned by world-renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg, and alleged to have been stolen. Further allegations include acts of fraud, theft and copyright infringement through the resale. This case has garnered international attention due to the unique matters raised in the United States District Court as well as the facts and circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the materials.
  • Representation of the Florida Dispute Resolution Center in an investigative capacity specifically related to complaints against mediators in the State of Florida. Also serve on the Rules Revision Committee.
  • Representation of a Boca Raton real estate law firm that was a victim of an elaborate Ponzi scheme and the civil, criminal and Florida Bar ramifications connected to the lawyer and his firm. (Read more at Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel)
  • Representation of the owner/operator of a resort community regarding allegations of the theft of monies from the condominium association.
  • Representation of an individual charged with facilitating an international gambling operation.
  • Representation of a computer-related corporation dealing with the theft of potential products.
  • Representation of a Federal agent centering around allegations of impropriety pertaining to his official function.
  • Representation of a Sarasota investor who was the victim of a nationwide Ponzi scheme. Facilitated his cooperation with the U.S. Government, and worked in conjunction with civil counsel in the complex recovery process.
  • Representation of a title company in a complex mortgage fraud investigation involving in excess of 120 closings.
  • Representation of a Miami law firm and its principal in multiple investigations pertaining to the alleged theft of $31 million dollars, and the parallel civil and administrative litigation surrounding a series of failed real estate ventures.
  • Representation of a law firm and its developer client pertaining to multiple inquiries stemming from over 300 closings in South and Southwest Florida.
  • Representation of four separate law firms and law-related businesses in Southwest Florida pertaining to the theft of confidential and privileged documents and trade secrets by administrative employees and lawyer associates of those firms. These representations include interaction with law enforcement and regulatory agencies, and the facilitation of civil litigation
  • Representation of a Naples title company concerning allegations of mortgage fraud, money laundering and theft.
  • Representation of purchasers of famous works of art in criminal and civil investigations centering around allegations of a scheme to sell forged and counterfeit paintings.
  • Representation of an oil company and its principals who have been victimized by a group of consultants and their operation of a scheme to defraud. Representation involves an internal investigation and the facilitation of civil litigation and criminal prosecution on behalf of the company and its principals.
  • Representation of a group of victims in one of the largest known Southwest Florida Ponzi schemes with a total loss in the vicinity of $25 to $30 million dollars. Representation involves an internal investigation and the facilitation of civil litigation and criminal prosecutions. These matters also involve representation of the victims as creditors in several bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Representation of local builder and entrepreneur pertaining to allegations of theft and mismanagement relative to his involvement in the daily operation of multiple business entities connected to his developments.
  • Representation of a local contractor pertaining to a federal investigation and indictment with allegations of wire fraud and structuring. Investigation centered around $20 million dollars in contractor-employee fraud.

Historical Cases of Distinction

  • Representation of multiple individuals in U.S.A. v. Sabretech, State of Florida v. Sabretech — Criminal, administrative, and civil wrongful death proceedings arising out of the ValueJet air crash in the Florida Everglades. Representation of these clients occurred over the course of a seven-year investigation and included a three-year federal grand jury investigation, indictment, trial and appeal, a state homicide investigation and indictment, and various administrative investigations and proceedings by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Transportation Safety Board and the United States Congress.
  • Representation of employees in a Federal Grand Jury investigation into the business practices of a security company that provided passenger screening services to major airlines at airports throughout the United States. Participated in an internal investigation into the company’s practices, and in the development of the presentation.
  • Representation of the President of a aircraft parts manufacturer and distributor under investigation for selling military parts to Iran in violation of Defense and Commerce Department regulations.
  • Representation of Cecilia Marcillo-Aviles in United States of America v. Edgar Nakache, Susan Aviles, and Cecilia Marcillo-Aviles, a/k/a “Ana Cecilia Marcillo Muirragui” — Joint Interpol and FBI investigation concerning allegations of the smuggling and sale of $5 million worth of pre-Columbian artifacts from the country of Ecuador.
  • Representation of a company owner and the company which distributed scrap metal to industrial smelting firms throughout the United States. One load of metal exploded when placed in a customer’s foundry, killing two workers. The clients faced investigation and prosecution for homicide and environmental offenses.
  • Representation of Frantz Biamby in U.S.A. v. Biamby — An international political drug conspiracy which was the basis for the invasion of Haiti by President Bill Clinton.
  • Representation of Alberto Ruiz in U.S.A. v. Ruiz — Money Laundering Investigation — Pre-cursor for Operation Swordfish.
  • Representation of Arnold Salinas and Don Booth in Advantage Fund v. Booth/Salinas — An SEC criminal investigation and complex civil litigation relative to multiple entities attempting to gain control of a national telecommunications company based in Houston, Texas.
  • Representation of Commissioner Tim Hancock in State v. John Norris, et al — Public corruption and RICO (racketeering) prosecution in Collier County (“Stadium Naples” ).
  • Representation of Craig Goodie in State of Florida v. Goodie and Kehl — The first economic crimes prosecution of an organized fraud in Collier County relative to the AIO stock scheme and Florida Security law violations.
  • Representation of a key employee of a cruise line in an internal corporate investigation, and an investigation initiated by the United States Attorney’s Office and the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife services pertaining to violations of the Endangered Species Act.
  • The most significant civil matter defended was the wrongful death claims by 110 families out of the ValueJet air crash in the Florida Everglades.

These cases are representative of the types of matters handled by Yale T. Freeman, P.A. However, each and every case is unique, with its own distinctive set of facts and circumstances that affect the outcome.